November 10, 2019

I bought Moon, birth name Yani from Daniel Fisher in Gordonville, PA. She is the cleanest and most healthy puppy I’ve ever bought, we brought her home and she already knows to go potty outside, and to sit for a treat! she has the perfect temperament, very affectionate and is friendly to children and other dogs. I’m impressed and excited for the future with such a great puppy!

Meranda Parker

“He’s been doing so well here! Such a wonderful, sweet, social Pomsky. Vet said he was very healthy and has a beautiful face and coat. He uses his litter box perfectly and loves to sharpen his claws on his scratchers. Also loves to talk. He is so, so loved! Thank you, again!!”

– Stefanie from Vancouver, WA

From Bae family, review submitted on Nov 11

New home for Coco (Ace)

Coco (previously named Ace) is the most wonderful puppy. He is super playful ,energetic & extremely tiny, as of today he is only 2.5 pounds full grown. Thanks Rolly n please find him a girlfriend soon 😘😘


From Ms. Ji Oct 29

Juju (Joey) has been nothing short of amazing. She was everything we wanted and is an amaing addition to our family. Her hillarious personality never fails to brighten up our day. Juju (Joey) from the day we got and still is a fluff of happiness!

September 21, 2019

Getting my Pomsky puppy from American Pomsky puppies was the best thing my husband I could have done. Took him to the vet, they said he is in perfect health. We got him August 27th 2019. He’s our baby, we took him to the groomer today they said he was great. His birthday is May 31 2019 thanks Romantic Pomsky Fam for our baby.

Kathy Ryder-Brown

September 20, 2019

Special Thanks once more for providing us with a safer method of payment unlike website with Western Union & Money Gram Scam. My wife and my little girl Dora seams happier than ever before since we lost our last Pomsky. Thank you so very much for all the help and patience you put in for us. 

Frank Adams (NYC)

“Just wanted to say we made it back to NYC safe and sound. My baby girl is adjusting to the sounds of the city well. She was a little scared for a few hours but now she’s walking around like she’s the queen of the apartment. She is such a smuggler! … I want to say thank you again for raising a beautiful Pomsky. She’s so incredibly sweet and social. Any time someone walks into the apartment she runs to greet them. All my best,”

– Maegan from Astoria, NY

“Hi Ray- I am compelled to write you and tell you how thrilled we are with Nino. He exceeds my expectations. From the time I picked Nino up at the airport, he has been a warm, friendly, affectionate and extremely well behaved little boy. He is not shy or timid and follows us around like a little puppy. He is smart, clever and very social as you promised. Every one of our family or friends who meet him just love him- as he noticeably is not shy or afraid of them as new Pomskys tend to be. Thank you for what you have done to prepare him for family life. He fits in beautifully and we and everyone who meets him just adores him. Best wishes,”

-Peter from New bury port, MA

“Your Pomskys is amazing, the best companion and friend. He is so so smart, affectionate, independent and handsome (he knows it is all this). He has a good health and loves play games. I am so Happy with him. Best Regards, Kisses…”

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